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o firme produkty bionafta pokrutiny methylester vyrobni zavody kontakty


The company produces rape seed oil methyl ester in the plants in Lužany near Jičín and in Bílý Kostel near Liberec. Rape seed oil methyl ester is produced by refining process called esterification, during which methanol is mixed with sodium hydroxide, and subsequently, with oil pressed from rape seeds.

The technology equipment in both plants was newly built, and the facilities were constructed on the basis of the up-to-date knowledge in this field. Methyl ester meets technical standards ČSN 656507 and DIN 14214. In 2005, the technology was supplemented by additivation of methyl ester up to -25oC.


Long-term quality of biodiesel and rape seed oil methyl ester is ensured through checking by regular testing in our own laboratory, in Institute of Fuels and Lubricants, joint-stock company, Prague, and in laboratories of the Czech University of Agriculture in Prague, Department of Chemistry.
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