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o firme produkty bionafta pokrutiny methylester vyrobni zavody kontakty


Biodiesel produced in our company in Lužany is so-called biodiesel of the II. generation, and is destined for combustion in diesel engines, where it can fully substitute diesel oil without any side effects.

Biodiesel shows the basic properties of diesel oil, and, moreover, it has very environmentally sound impact on the environment, engine, and fuel system of motor vehicles. It is produced from a mixture of rape seed oil methyl ester and diesel oil. It is a clear yellowish to yellow combustible liquid of the III. class of hazard.

During the winter season, highly effective additives for improvement of properties in cold conditions are added into the mixture. The fuel fully meets the standards ČSN 656508 and DIN EN 14214.

Advantages of use of biodiesel:
  • Biological degradability
  • Favourable composition of emissions
  • Lower smokiness
  • Lower engine wear
  • Lower temperature of exhaust gases causing lower heat load of engine
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